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For the year ending 30 June, 2019, Auckland produced 568,935 tonnes of construction and demolition waste. That is the equivalent of 196 Auckland town Halls filled to the brim with waste and stacked on top of each other.

This is an issue we want to tackle head on.

Demolition contractors typically recycle materials that have a ready market but often lament the volume of good reusable demolition materials that go to landfill. They are aware community-based centres take these materials, but lack real connections to distribute material. They are also wary of adding time, complexity and risk to the project.

Auckland Council are working to adopt a deconstruction and soft strip approach as a standard. The deconstruction methodology sees buildings carefully taken down, bit by bit, to recover materials so they can be re-used elsewhere. This can include building fittings and fixtures such as seating, light fittings, kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as important building componentry and materials like trusses, timber, corrugated iron and steel.

Check out the presentations from Building Out Waste 2021 - tackling waste in construction and demolition. There's a great range of information from key leaders in the field.

These stories from projects across Auckland show how Council is changing its approach to demolish a construction site, not the environment.


He ao para kore tēnei i tōna orokohanga mai. Me hoki anō ia i a tātou hei ao para kore i te mutunga.

This was a world of zero waste in the beginning. We must make her waste-free once more.


Get inspired by watching more examples of waste minimisation is the construction industry.