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Raising a family can be a messy business! Kate Meads AKA The Nappy Lady runs waste free parenting workshops around New Zealand. Disposable nappies and other sanitary items make up a significant proportion of Auckland’s waste to landfill. The Cloth Nappy Programme aims to educate new parents to make informed choices around consumable products associated with early childhood, and thus reduce their waste to landfill.

Check out her website for upcoming workshops or follow her on Facebook for even more tips on waste free living.


The Waste Free Period Programme is an initiative that educates students who get, or will get, their period on all the different reusable products that are available to them. This program provides students with the opportunity to ask questions in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Moreover, the waste aspect that comes with menstruation is at the forefront of the program. The program incorporates the aspect of waste by explaining the current effects of menstrual products in our landfills as well as in wastewater streams. 

Each program includes a 45 min presentation that covers all the above and we also provide products to students who would like to take a product to try.