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Join us on our sustainability journey. Choose to reuse your beverage bottles.

It's time to phase out single-use beverage containers and make way for reusable ones, reducing emissions associated with recycling. Green Bottle, in partnership with Auckland Council and Waiōrea Community Recycling Centre, is giving consumers the chance to send a clear message to New Zealand beverage producers about the types of containers they want to see reused in the future.


As a consumer, you can fill a 12-bottle collection crate with any beverage containers you believe should be reused and place it in your recycling bin. Alternatively, you can complete an online survey expressing your thoughts on which containers you'd like to see reused.

Sign up to the Drink Different trial and receive one of our crates in early November.

  • If you live within 7km of Western Springs, and sign up before 31 October 2023 you can have the crate delivered to your home for free. Otherwise collect it directly from Waiōrea Community Recycling Centre at 990 Great North Road, Western Springs from 2 November 2023. They are open Thursday to Sunday 9am – 4pm.
  • For collection or drop off of your filled crate.
  • Drop it off at Barkers Cordials Food Store & Eatery located in Ponsonby Central
  • You can also drop it off to designated Liquorland stores.

Drop-off points are listed on

Don't forget, anyone in the wider Auckland region can also participate via a quick 2-minute online survey. This is located on

Fill your crate with the beverage bottles and cans you'd like to see reused in the future and join our sustainability initiative. Don't forget, anyone in the wider Auckland region can also participate via a quick 2-minute online survey.

You must return your filled crate to Waiōrea Community Recycling Centre, or any of the options listed above, by the end of November 2023. All bottles returned will be recorded by type of beverage container, including wine, beer, spirits, soda, juice, cordial, water, milk, kombucha, and more.

The containers collected from this trial will all be recycled, but the results will be shared with the beverage industry to show the types of containers that consumers would like to see available for reuse in the future.

Everyone that signs up to be part of the trial or completes the online survey will be eligible for prizes.

Starting in 2024, Green Bottle will begin collecting and washing reuse-ready bottles for participating beverage companies, and your involvement during the Drink Different campaign helps shape that direction.

To participate, simply register by 31 October 2023.

Green Bottle partnering with the following purveyors of fine beverages to offer you delicious prizes: