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Do you have excess garden waste lying around your property? Clean up your garden and start turning your garden waste into nutrient-rich compost today.

Here are some options to choose from:


Instead of sending your kitchen and garden waste off for processing, simply compost it at home. Compost is organic material that can be added to enrich your soil for a better garden. Attend a free local composting workshop, or find about more online at


No space to compost? Share your waste. Sharewaste connects people who wish to compost their kitchen and garden waste with their neighbours who are already composting. To find out how to start sharing with your neighbours visit

Mulching and Chipping

Mulching and Chipping can help the growth of your garden or other areas of plant life by decreasing the amount of weeds present. It also encourages the nutrients in the soil to become more productive. Mulch can assist the soil in locking in moisture that plants need to grow and helps aerate very compact soil.

Waiheke Community Resource Recovery Park

Garden waste can be dropped off at the Waiheke Community Resource Recovery Park, gate fees apply.

  •          60-litre bag - $5
  •          Car boot load - $15
  •          Single axle trailer (no cage) / station wagon / ute load - $30.50

All other garden waste loads assessed by weight:

  •          $182.50 per tonne
  •          Minimum charge - $30

Non-compostable green waste has always been separated out and charged as general waste. For example, noxious weeds, pampas, flax, toetoe, ginger, bamboo, tradescantia, all palms, and tree roots.